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Suggested Image Sizes

Suggested sizes for images in Brightlane Shopify as they appear on our demo site.

Note: These are merely suggestions based on the content present in our demo site. The best-looking size may differ for your own site depending on the length and layout of your content.

The pixel size presented is based on how they would present on mobile (size usually around 2x more of the rendered size to account for retina devices) and hence may not render at that size on desktop. The aspect ratio will allow you to scale your images up or down in pixel size while still keeping in line with the width-to-height ratio. You can use a ratio calculator if you need help scaling.

For the most part, the width is the most important, while the height should be whatever fits your content length best. For example - while our Background Hero pixel size suggestion is 1920x1080, you could easily make the height shorter or longer to fit the amount of content in your hero, but you would want the width to remain at least 1920px so that it can fit across the largest average desktop size without pixelating.

Caution: For faster loading times we suggest keeping all images under 2000px wide and use image compression to optimize them.

Cropped images (such as backgrounds, blog thumbnails, team listings, etc.) will crop differently on different sized devices. We suggest ensuring your main focus is in the center of your image so that it is less likely to be cropped out.

Type Pixel Size Aspect Ratio
Image Banner - Large / Background Image 1920x1080 16:9
Image Banner - Medium 1920x600 16:5
Image Banner - Small 1920x400 24:5
Image Banner - Extra Small 1920x200

48 : 5

Column/Grid (Landscape) 1130x850


Column/Grid (Portrait) 862x940 11:12
Column/Grid (Square) 768x768 1:1
Gift Card 768x410 15 : 8