A field group for displaying buttons in a module.

  • Button Type [Choice] [Required]
    Select the type of button to render
    Choices: Link, Video Popup, HubSpot CTA, Anchor
  • Link [Link] [Required]
    Add link to the button
  • Text [Text] [Required]
    Add text to the button
  • Style [Choice] [Required]
    Select which pre-defined style, from Theme Settings, to use on the button
    -- Choices: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary, Text Link, Text Link (Dark)
  • Narrow [Boolean]
    Check to use narrow padding settings set in the Theme global spacing settings.
  • Video [Video] [Required]
    Add an ember URL or embed code to a video for the button popup
  • Video Description [Rich Text]
    Text that displays inside the popup dialog.
  • CTA [CTA]
    Select a HubSpot CTA
  • Anchor [Text]
    An ID of a module for the page to scroll to