Form Styles

Fields for styling a form.

  • Heading [Group]
    Only applies to the Form Heading group. Rich Text in the form itself should be styled in the form editor.
  • Multistep Progress Bar [Group]
    • Line [Group]
      • Color [Color]
      • Height [Number]
    • Steps Dot [Group]
      • Size [Number]
      • Radius [Number]
      • Background Color (Current/Previous) [Color]
      • Border (Current/Previous) [Border]
      • Background Color (Next) [Color]
      • Border (Next) [Border]
    • Steps Label [Group]
    • Spacing [Spacing]
  • Fields (Global) [Group]
  • Single Line Fields [Group]
    Text, number, dropdown, file, upload, and date fields.
    • Height [Number]
  • Multi-line Fields [Group]
    • Height [Number]
  • Choice Fields [Group]
    Checkboxes and radio inputs.
    • Height [Number]
    • Box Styles [Common Module Fields]
  • Select Arrow [Group]
    • Color [Color]
    • Size [Number]
  • File Upload Button [Group]
  • Legal Text [Group]
    • Font Styles [Common Module Fields]
    • Checkbox/Radio Size [Number]
  • Errors [Group]
  • Submit Button [Group]
  • Box  Styles [Common Module Fields]