Module Styles

A field group to style the entire module.

  • Max Width [Number]
    Change the max width of the module
  • Animation [Choice]
    Add a load in animation to the module
    -- Choices: None, Fade In, Fade In Up, Fade In Right, Fade In Down, Fade In Left
  • Alignment [Group]
    Change the alignment of the module on desktop, tablet, and mobile
    • Desktop [Alignment]
    • Tablet [Alignment]
    • Mobile [Alignment]
  • Background [Group]
    • Color [Color]
      Add a background color to the module
  • Border [Group]
    Add a border and border radius to the module
    • Border [Border]
    • Radius [Number]
  • Box Shadow [Group]
    Add a box shadow to the module
    • Color [Color]
    • Offset X [Number]
    • Offset Y [Number]
    • Blur [Number]
    • Spread [Number]
  • Spacing [Group]
    Add margin and padding to the module
    • Desktop [Spacing]
    • Tablet [Spacing]
    • Mobile [Spacing]