Fields to determine the layout and functionality of a slider.

  • Slider Label [Text]
    A label to for screen readers to describe the content of the slider. This element does not display visually.
  • Carousel Type [Choice]
    If Style is set to Slider
    Choices: Loop, Slide, Fade
  • Rewind [Boolean]
    If Style is set to Slider, determines whether to rewind the carousel when navigating past the last slide.
  • Arrow Style [Choice]
    If Style is set to Slider.
    Choices: Arrow, Chevron
  • Desktop, Tablet, Mobile [Responsive Groups]
    • Slides Per Page [Number]
      Set how many slides to show at a time.
    • Slides Per Move [Number]
      Set how many slides to navigate at a time.
    • Space between Slides [Number]
      If showing more than one slide per page, set how much space should be between each slide.
    • Show Arrows? [Boolean]
    • Show Pagination Dots? [Boolean]
    • Show Overflow? [Boolean]If checked, the previous and next page will be visible on the outside edge of the slider.
    • List Padding [Group]
      Used to partially show previous/next slides.
      • Left [Number]
      • Right [Number]