Blog Post Settings (Global)

Options to globally modify the blog post template.

The following is a detailed listing of all the Content and Style fields available in this module.


  • Page Settings [Group]
    • Header Type [Choice] [Required]
      Choices: None, Default, Landing
    • Make header transparent [Boolean]
    • Indexing [Multi-Choice]
      Choices: Disallow search engines to index this page. Disallow search engines to crawl this page
    • Landing Header [Choice] [Required]
      Choices: Version 1, Version 2
  • Post Template Settings [Group]
    • Check elements to remove from posts: [Multi-Choice]
      Choices: Socials, Sidebar, Post Body Footer, Content Footer
    • Post Body Max Width [Number]
    • Post Body Spacing [Number]
      Spacing between the socials, sidebar, and post body
    • Post Body Spacing (Mobile) [Number]
      Spacing between the socials, sidebar, and post body on mobile devices
    • Comments Heading [Text]


There are not any styling options for this module.