Section Settings

Settings to customize the look and layout of sections and columns.

Note: Some of these settings require JavaScript to add the necessary classes. While rare, there may be users with JavaScript turned off, and they will not see these settings applied.


  • Toggle Options [Multi Choice]
    Choices: Add Overlay, Add Two Tone Background, Add Overlap, Customize Columns
  • Overlap [Group]
    • Overlap Section [Choice]
      Choices: None, Above, Below
    • Distance [Number]
      A percentage of the height of the current section that should overlap the adjacent section.
    • Max Width of Section [Number]
  • Custom Columns [Repeater Group]
    • Number Order [Number] [Required]
      This is the order of which the column has been added to the section and is required to be able to target the specific column.
    • Margin [Group]
      • Desktop, Tablet, Mobile [Responsive Groups]
        • Top [Number]
        • Bottom [Number]
        • Left [Number]
        • Right [Number]
    • Width [Group]
      • Desktop, Tablet, Mobile [Responsive Groups]
        • Fit To Content [Boolean]
          Width stretches to fit the content inside within the available space.
        • Unit [Choice] [Required]
          The unit to use for the width. Percents will act responsively with size of the screen, pixels will keep the column at a static width.
          Choices: px, %
        • Width [Number]
    • Order [Group]
      Change the order in which the columns appear.
      • Desktop, Tablet, Mobile [Responsive Number


  • Overlay [Color]
    Adds an overlay over the section's background.
  • Two Tone Background [Group]
    Add a two-tone background to the section.
    • Left Color [Color]
    • Right Color [Color]
    • Percent Split [Number]
      The percentage at where you want the background to split the colors.
  • Box Styles [Common Module Fields]