System - Membership Reset Password Request

Partial for use on System - Membership Reset Password Request template.


The following is a detailed listing of the styling edits made to the partial's sections, the modules used in the sections, and field changes from the modules' default state.

Section 1

Section Styles

Alignment and spacing > Content alignment Full Width
Alignment and spacing > Padding > Default

Top: 50
Right: 50
Bottom: 50
Left: 50

Alignment and spacing > Padding > Mobile

 Top: 50
Right: 25
Bottom: 50
Left: 25

Background > Background color


Page Settings

Styles > Max Width 600
Styles > Borders > Radius

Text Block

Visible Elements Heading, Body Text
Semantic Heading Level 1
Style Heading Level 3
Text Size Miedum
Styles > Module > Spacing > Desktop > Margin Bottom: 15
Styles > Text Alignment Desktop: Center

System Page Content

Page Type Membership Reset Password Request
Form Layout > Button Position Full