Blog Listing - Recent Tag

A slider of recent blog posts with a particular tag.


View a live demo of this section here.

The following is a detailed listing of the styling edits made to the section, the modules used in the section, and field changes from the modules' default state.

Section Styles

Alignment and spacing > Content alignment Full Width



Styles > Module > Spacing desktop: {padding: {bottom:}}

Listed Resources

Card Style Slider
Data Source Blog
Blog Posts > Post Type Recent
Blog Posts > Include Tags, Read Time, Thumbnail
Blog Posts > Query Limit: 15
Query By: Tags
Layout > Text Tags Position Top
Layout > Carousel Rewind false
Layout > Desktop

Per Page: 3
Per Move: 3
List Padding > Right: 140

Layout > Tablet

Per Page: 2
Per Move: 2
List Padding > Right: 140

Layout > Mobile

Per Page: 1
Per Move:
List Padding > Right: 140

Styles > Text Tags > Divide


Styles > Text Tags > Font

Size: theme.typography.body_text_small.font.size

Styles > Slider > Arrows

Remove Disabled Arrows: true
Position: Inside