What Are Global Partials?

Global Partials are content, that when edited, will update across all pages they are used in.

In Rubric, these partials are used for headers, footers, system content, and blog post content. To access a global partial you first need to have created a page, post, or blog listing using a template from the theme (or child theme if you're using one) that includes the partial you want to edit.

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Once inside a page, post, or listing global partials will be highlighted in orange when hovered over in the page editor.


You can also easily see all the global partials on the page by opening the Content listing in the left-hand sidebar. The globals will be listed with a circular icon to the right of the partial name.


Clicking on a partial within the page editor or within the Content listing will pop up a dialog with the button Open in global content editor. Clicking this button will redirect you to the editor for the global partial you've clicked on.