Blog Listing

Module with masonry style and infinite load listing of blog posts.

Note: This module is only able to be used on the Blog Listing template.


  • Post Options:
    • Select content to show (read time, author, date, tag, image, summary and/or button)
    • Set a limit on number of tags that can appear
    • Set a limit on what specific tags can appear
    • Set custom date format
    • Select summary type (summary, body, meta description)
    • Change max summary length
    • Change button text and color
  • Include topic, author, and/or date filters
  • If including a topic or author filter:
    • Choose to pull in the most popular tags or manually select specific tags to include
    • Limit the number of tags to include in the filter
  •  If including a date, filter to set a maximum number of links to include
  • Edit text strings used throughout the module (no results message, button labels, tag spacer, etc.)


  • Set Dark Mode
  • Show search field
  • Change spacing between rows and columns
  • Set how many cards to show per row on desktop and tablet
  • Change background color of cards
  • Change style of card (normal or slide up)
  • Change aspect ratio of image
  • Add hover animation to image (zoom in, zoom out, grayscale, color)
  • Add border radius to top of image
  • Change text alignment of cards