Full Width Two Column Slider

Two-column slider, meant to span the entire width of a section, with an image in one column and text in the other.

Note: The section this module is added to should have its Content Alignment set to Full width.


  • Include as many slides as needed with image, eyebrow, heading, sub-heading, text, and/or buttons
  • Include aria labels on slider arrows for screen reader accessibility
  • Change vertical alignment of columns (top, middle, bottom)
  • Change placement of columns (image to left of text, image to right of text)
  • Change placement of columns on mobile (image above text, image below text)


  • Set dark mode
  • Change text alignment
  • Set max width on text
  • Change styling of lists
    • Change space between list items
    • Change bullet type
    • Change bullet color (not applicable to image bullets)
    • Enclose bullet (if using icon or image can enclose it in a colored box)