Related Resources

Dynamically generated or manually added resources related to the content of the current page.


  • Include heading with eyebrow, heading, sub-heading, text, and/or buttons
  • Select what content to show in the resources (image, read time, date, tag, author, summary, cta)
  • Select to manually enter content
  • If manually entering include image, publish date, read time, author, tag, title, summary, link, button text, button color
  • If dynamically pulling posts:
    • Set to pull recent posts
    • Choose blog(s) to pull from (if not default)
    • If not pulling recent posts:
      • Select tags that should take priority in the algorithm (this does not make the function explicitly pull those tags)
      • Show posts published on after and before certain dates
      • Set button text
  • Limit the number of posts to show
  • Change the date format
  • Change where the summary is pulled from (summary, body, meta)
  • Set a max word count on the summary
  • Change text strings for read time and tag spacer


  • Set Dark Mode of heading and cards separately
  • Change text alignment of heading
  • Change placement of heading (above resources, to the right of resources, to the left of resources)
  • Change image aspect ratio
  • Change hover animation of image (zoom-in, zoom-out, grayscale, color)
  • Change text alignment of cards
  • Change button color of cards
  • Style background, border, radius, and box shadow of cards