Site Header

Main header for your site that includes options for calls to action, language switcher, and search.


  • By default, the module pulls in the logo set in portal settings, but can be overridden
  • Include a logo for transparent heading
  • Change menu alignment (left, right, split)
  • If using the split menu, alignment a contact link (email or phone) can be added the left of the menu
  • Select HubSpot navigation menu to use (if using the split menu select two menus, one for the left side and one for the right side)
  • Include a utility menu with language switcher, search, and/or buttons
  • If using search, edit all the hard-coded strings (accessible labels, submit button text, prompt, results message, etc)


Note: All styles for this module are edited in the Theme Settings Website Header section instead of in the module. 

  • Choose a pre-defined header layout: Header A (left-aligned menu with search and call to action button) or Header B (split-menu with contact link, search, and call to action button)
  • Make the header stick to the top of the page on scroll
  • Change font family, size, weight, color, hover color line-height, and letter spacing of main menu links and child menu links
  • Change color and hover color of main menu links and child menu links for a transparent header