Tabbed Content

Tabular content that can contain rows and columns of text, image, video, form, or an icon list.


  • Include a heading with eyebrow, heading, sub-heading, and/or text
  • Choose orientation of the tab navigation (vertical or horizontal)
  • Set tab label
  • Add however many rows is needed
  • Set vertical alignment of columns in the row (top, middle, bottom)
  • Set a max width on the row
  • Add however many columns are needed and set their width (Note: The combined percentage of all column widths in the row must not exceed 100%)
  • Choose column type (text, icon list, image, video, or form)
  • In a text column, include eyebrow, heading, sub-heading, text, and buttons
  • In an icon list column, add however many list items is needed with optional icon (FontAwesome or custom), title, and text
  • In a video column, include a preview thumbnail, video, and description
  • In a form column, include a heading (eyebrow, heading, sub-heading, text) and form


  • Set Dark Mode
  • Change heading text alignment
  • Set a max width on the heading
  • For icon list columns, change the icon height and color (color is only applicable to FontAwesome icons)
  • For forms:
    • Set Dark Mode
    • Change heading text alignment
    • Box in the forms (edit background, border, box-shadow, and padding)
    • Change label position (left, top, inset)
    • Change button position (left, center, right, full width, single field)
    • Change button color