Hero - 2 Columns

Two column hero with options to add text and logos to one side and an image, form, or video on the other side.

Note: The section this module is added to should have its Content Alignment set to Full width.


  • Include row of logos and turn into a slide by setting Logos Per Slide to lower number than number of logos uploaded
  • On media side add image, form, or video
  • Change vertical alignment
  • Change placement of media on both desktop (left or right) and mobile (top or bottom)


  • Set Dark Mode
  • Change background on desktop and mobile (color, gradient, or background)
  • Edit module padding
  • Add load-in animation to media
  • Change text alignment
  • Customize list styling
  • Change max logo height on desktop and mobile
  • Customize form styling
  • Change play button color and overlay color on video