Fields for editing the content and layout of a form.

  • Form Heading [Group]
    • Text [Common Module Fields]
  • Form Layout [Group]
    • Multi-Step Form? [Boolean]
      Form will be split into sections after every Rich Text in the form.
    • Single Line Form? [Boolean]
      If there is only one field in the form, checking this will move the submit button to be on the same line as the field.
    • Inset Labels? [Boolean]
      Moves labels inside of input fields when empty and not in focus. Does not apply to checkbox, radio, file, select, or fields with placeholder text.
    • Button Position [Choice]
      If not Single Line Form.
      Choices: Left, Center, Right, Full
  • Form Strings [Group]
    If Multi-Step form.
    • Step Progress Text [Text] [Required]
      Text displayed for each step in the progress bar. Use % to dictate where to insert the step number.
    • Step Last Text [Text] [Required]
      Text displayed for the last step in the progress bar.
    • Next Button Text [Text] [Required]
      Text displayed in the next button at the end of each form section.
  • Form [Form]
  • Send form notifications to specified email addresses instead of the form defaults [Boolean]
  • Email Addresses [Email]
  • Salesforce Campaign [SFDC Campaign]