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The following is a detailed listing of all the Content and Style fields available in this module.


  • Heading [Text]
  • Semantic Heading Level [Number] [Required]
  • Style Heading Level [Number] [Required]
  • Tags [Repeater Text]
  • Info Items [Repeater Group]
    • Heading [Text]
    • Tooltip [Text]
    • Text [Rich Text]
  • Buttons [Repeater Group]
    • Button [Common Module Fields]
  • Layout [Group]
    • Divider symbol between tags [Choice] [Required]
      Choices: None, Slash, Vertical Bar, Bullet, Caret
  • Advanced [Common Module Fields]


  • Dark Mode [Boolean]
    Check to use the Dark Mode colors set in the Theme Settings.
  • Module [Group]
  • Heading [Group]
  • Tags [Group]
  • Info [Group]
  • Buttons [Group]
    • Spacing [Spacing]