Add buttons, search, language switcher, link lists, and/or skip links to the page.


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The following is a detailed listing of all the Content and Style fields available in this module.


  • Utility Items [Repeater Group]
    • Type [Choice] [Required]
      Choices: Button, Search, Language Switcher, Link List, Skip Link
    • Buttons [Repeater Group]
      If Type is set to Button.
    • Search [Common Module Fields]
      If Type is set to Search.
    • Label Display Mode [Choice] [Required]
      If Type is set to Language Switcher.
      Icon, Current Locale, Current Locale Display Name
    • Dropdown Display Mode [Choice] [Required]
      If Type is set to Language Switcher. This refers to the language of the text in the language switcher. PageLang means the names of languages will display in the language of the page the switcher is on. Localized means the name of each language will be displayed in that language. Hybrid is a combination of the two.
      Choices: Localized, PageLang, Hybrid
    • Button Label [Text]
      If Type is set to Language Switcher. This element does not display visually. It is for screen readers to identify the function of the language switcher button.
    • Links [Repeater Group]
      If Type is set to Link List
      • Icon [Common Module Fields]
      • Text [Text]
      • Link [Link]
    • Skip Link [Group]
      If Type is set to Skip Link. Creates a visually hidden link (will be visible in editor for easy click-to-edit access) that keyboard users can use to skip certain content (ex: site header, page navigation, etc.). Module must be placed before the content you want to be skippable.
      • Link Text [Text]
      • Anchor [Text]
        The ID of the element that the link should skip focus to.
  • Advanced [Common Module Fields]


  • Dark Mode [Boolean]
    Check this to use the Dark Mode colors set in the Theme Settings.
  • Module 
  • Search [Group]
  • Links List [Group]
  • Language Switcher [Group]