A link list, with a caret separator between links and a decorative horizontal rule to the right of the list.

breadcrumbs section screenshot

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The following is a detailed listing of the styling edits made to the section, the modules used in the section, and field changes from the modules' default state.

Section Styles

Alignment and Spacing > Vertical Alignment MIDDLE


Section Settings

Section Options Custom Columns
Custom Columns

  number: 1,
  width: {
    desktop: {fit_content: true},
    mobile: {unit: %, width: 100}
  number: 2,
  margin: {
    desktop: {left: 25},
    mobile: {top: 0, left: 0;}


Utility Type Link List
Layout > Divider Caret
Layout > Spacing 8
Styles > Links > font theme.typography.body_text_tiny.font.size

Divider Line
No changes to default content.