Form Callout - Informational

A form call to action with informational text and form that overlaps section above it.


View a live demo of this section here.

The following is a detailed listing of the styling edits made to the section, the modules used in the section, and field changes from the modules' default state.

Section Styles

Alignment and spacing > Vertical Alignment Middle
Alignment and spacing > Padding Top: 0


Section Settings

Section Options Overlap
Overlap > Section Above
Overlap > Distance 12


Media Type Form
Styles > Module > Max Width 520
Styles > Module > Background Color:
Styles > Module > Borders Radius:
Styles > Module > Box Shadow Color:
Offset X:
Offset Y:
Styles > Module > Spacing > Desktop > Padding Top: 60
Right: 60
Bottom: 60
Left: 60

Text Block

Style Heading Level 5
Styles > Module > Max Width  500
Styles > Module > Alignment Desktop: Center
Tablet: Left