Hero - Detailed

A twocolumn hero with text, call to action, popup video, and overview to provide a detailed summary of a resource.


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The following is a detailed listing of the styling edits made to the section, the modules used in the section, and field changes from the modules' default state.

Section Styles

Alignment and spacing > Padding Top: 160
Bottom: 85


Text Block

Semantic Heading Level 1
Style Heading Level 1
Styles > Dark Mode true


Utility Items > Utility Type Button
Styles > Module > Spacing > Desktop > Padding Top: 60
Bottom: 60

Icon Text

Layout > Icon Position Left
Layout > Desktop Columns: 1
Justify: Start
Layout > Tablet Columns: 1
Justify: Start
Layout > Mobile Columns: 1
Justify: Start
Styles > Dark Mode true
Styles > Alignment Desktop: Left


Styles > Module > Max Width 400
Styles > Module > Alignment Desktop: Right
Tablet: Center