Blog Post

Complex template with post information, social share, sidebar of other resources, author information, and comments.

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Note: In Blog Post templates, only the blog post body is able to use drag-and-drop directly from the template and only to drag in modules (sections and columns are not available). For further customization of the template, drag-and-drop areas are provided in Global Partials and the Blog Post Settings module allows quick editing of the layout (remove areas, change spacing, etc).

Warning: To have comments show in the template you must have commenting turned on in your portal Settings under Website > Blog > Comments.

Hidden Modules

Static Modules

  • Socials
    Social Type Share
    Layout > Desktop Orientation: Vertical
    Label Position: Top
    Layout > Tablet Orientation: Horizontal
    Label Position: Left
    Styles > Icons > Color
    Styles > Icons > Background > Color
    Styles > Borders
    Style: None

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